The Color Box – Blue Edition – Spring 2017 (Swatch and Review)

Hello, everyone!! Today I have The Color Box from earlier this year, which I won in a giveaway! This is going to be a long post!

Before I get into that, though, I want to say that it has just been way too long since I last blogged! There were a few issues going on, and, as it does, blogging slipped to the back burner (and really, off the stove altogether for awhile). But now I have something like 20 posts to put up, so expect a bunch of stuff coming your way!

Read on for my thoughts about The Color Box.

Okay, as I said before, I won the Color Box back in March, and it was a pretty lucky win. The Color Box is a quarterly polish box with five different indie makers – each collaborating with a different blogger – in it. Each box is a different color theme, and the one I have is blue. The other awesome thing about winning this box is that I had never purchased from any of these makers before. I’ll be putting links to everyone’s shops and blogs below, so be sure to check them all out!

The Color Box - Blue Edition - Spring 2017 Packaging and Polishes | Erin's Enamel
The Color Box – Blue Edition – Spring 2017 Packaging and Polishes

The Color Box comes packaged in a cardboard box with all the polishes individually wrapped in bubble wrap, tied together with a ribbon, and nestled on some shredded paper. Also enclosed are business cards and such for each of the makers as well as the card for the box as a whole. I’ve actually worn the ribbon in my hair a few times just because it’s so cute!

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Niagara Sunrise; The Color Box - Blue Edition - Spring 2017 | Erin's Enamel
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Niagara Sunrise swatch

The first polish I have is Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Niagara Sunrise, created with Imperfectly Painted. It’s a grayed denim blue that is packed with coppery shimmer and gold microflakies. It was a little on the thicker side, but not unmanageably so. It was fully opaque in two coats and dried a touch dull. I will say, however, that the brush and cap aren’t my favorite. The cap is a little on the short side while the brush is a little on the long side. That’s just personal preference, though, and didn’t really affect how the polish applied.

Check out Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer here and Imperfectly Painted here!

Tonic Polish Manna’s Mystical Masterpiece swatch; The Color Box - Blue Edition - Spring 2017 | Erin's Enamel
Tonic Polish Manna’s Mystical Masterpiece swatch

Tonic Polish Manna’s Mystical Masterpiece, created with Manna’s Manis, is a cobalt blue duochrome with a purple shift and a fine linear holographic shimmer. My swatch doesn’t really capture the purple shift very well, but you can see it at the top of the bottle and a bit where the incandescent light is hitting my nails. It’s a bit of a thinner formula and wants to pull itself off a bit if you go over it too much. I did three thin coats for full opacity. This is just intensely vibrant and glowy in real life!

Find Tonic Polish here and Manna’s Manis here!

Blush Lacquer Blue a Fuse swatch; The Color Box - Blue Edition - Spring 2017 | Erin's Enamel
Blush Lacquers Blue a Fuse swatch

Blush Lacquers and Bruised Up Dollie came up with Blue a Fuse. It’s a deeper blue base with black shard glitters, blue microflakes, and holo flakies. The shards come out of the bottle really easily, but they do take a bit of manipulation to get them where you want. The formula was a tiny bit thick and dried a touch dull, but it covered mostly in 2 coats. The nails that needed 3 were me doing thin coats (meaning overly thin).

Check out Blush Lacquers here and Bruised Up Dollie here!

Baroness X Sakura Skies swatch; The Color Box - Blue Edition - Spring 2017 | Erin's Enamel
Baroness X Sakura Skies swatch

Baroness X Sakura Skies, created with xoxo, Jen, is a sky blue with pink-gold shifting glass fleck shimmer. The formula on this one is right in my sweet spot, but it did take three coats for me to have full coverage. Most other reviews I’ve seen have had 1-2 coat coverage, so I may have just been doing exceptionally thin coats when I swatched it. It also dries a little dull, so top coat is a must for shininess!

You can find Baroness X here and xoxo, Jen here!

Super Moon Lacquer Texas Treasures swatch; The Color Box - Blue Edition - Spring 2017 | Erin's Enamel
Super Moon Lacquer Texas Treasures swatch

Last but definitely not least is Super Moon Lacquer Texas Treasures, created with Polish Galore. It’ss a deep teal-ish navy with copper and holo microglitters and a linear holo finish. The formula on this one was absolutely fantastic too. It was very nearly one coat, but there was a tiny bit of unevenness that required a second coat. This one might be my favorite of all!

Check out Super Moon Lacquer here and Polish Galore here!

WHEW! That was a massive post!

I really loved all of these polishes, and I appreciate that it’s a wide variety of shades. It has definitely piqued my interest in purchasing from all these makers in the future!

While this particular box is no longer available, you can keep up with The Color Box for future releases on their website as well as in their Facebook group and on their Instagram. [**DOUBLE CHECK THAT NO MAKERS HAVE THESE AVAILABLE INDIVIDUALLY**]

Which color is your favorite? Do you have any other favorites from these makers that I should check out?

That’s all for today! Thanks for looking!









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