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OMD Wrap-Up

Good morning, all! Today I have a wrap-up post for the OMD Challenge. It’s going to be rather word-heavy, but I’ll have pics and links to all my challenge posts (as well as the InLinkz for the challenges I didn’t have time for).

Overall, I’d be very willing to take on a challenge again. Maybe just start working on it as soon as I have prompts so that I can either enjoy the manis longer or not fall behind (and have to post like a crazy woman to catch up…). ;D

My favorites are Day 10 – Floral, Day 14 – Fish, Day 20 – Jewels, and Day 26 – Peace, with Day 21 – Travel being my absolute fave (seriously, best gradient EVER).

What I Liked

I found that this challenge pushed me bit. I tried new techniques, new themes, and new polishes. I also improved my freehand painting a fair bit and found inspiration in new places.

I really liked having prompts to follow because I’m not always great at coming up with nail art, so I frequently default to simple swatches or layering combos.

What I Didn’t Like

New nail art every day meant I wasn’t getting to enjoy wearing anything that I painted on. And yes, I lagged behind (because we were unpacking the pod) so I could have kept stuff on during that time, but it would have chipped quickly anyway. My right hand also went unpolished for the bulk of the challenge since I was changing my left so frequently.

My nails and cuticles suffered a bit from the frequent changes too. I used a peel-off base to minimize it, but it’s something to keep in mind for next time.

My OMD Manis

(I know it’s kind of wonky, but if you click on the picture, there’s a link just under the title to go to the original post.)

InLinkz for Days 28-31





Whew, long post! That’s all for today! Thanks for looking!

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