KBShimmer Merry Pinkmas

HI! It has been three months since my last post (and another month before that…), and I am terribly sorry for that (see the end of the post for more about that). But I’m back again! So let’s get to it with KBShimmer Merry Pinkmas!

KBShimmer Merry Pinkmas | Erin's Enamel
KBShimmer Merry Pinkmas

KBShimmer Merry Pinkmas is from the Winter 2013 Blogger Collection. This one was made with Cristina from Let Them Have Polish. It’s a bubblegum pink jelly-creme with a whole lotta glitter: pink, silver, yellow, green, and red in variously sized bars, circles, squares, and hexes.

KBShimmer Merry Pinkmas | Erin's Enamel
KBShimmer Merry Pinkmas

This was three coats with some dabbing and pushing the glitters into place. The glitter did want to clump up a bit in some places, which you can see on my middle finger, but it wasn’t anything too bad. I don’t see this on the KBShimmer website any more, but if you like it, you might be able to find it on eBay or a blog sale.

So again, sorry about the last few months. My spring courses (especially my English class) took up a lot more time than expected. I also got hooked on Minecraft (I enjoy building outlandish structures in creative mode; my most recent building is a rainbow tower). There were trips for archery, end-of-school stuff for the kinds, a sick cat, and a painting project.

The biggest thing going on, though, is this:

Basement reno | Erin's Enamel
Basement renovation (with bonus nephew)

This was my bedroom. We’re renovating the basement, and currently everything is ripped down to the bare concrete walls. For the last week, ServePro has been taking care of mold in the basement, and soon we’ll start rebuilding everything. But in the meantime, I’m sharing a room with my niece and nephew, and I don’t have my desk (or my lamps). So it’s hard to find time and space to paint my nails, let alone do nail art or photograph it. I might have to resort to using sunlight. Anyway, just thought I’d provide a full update to go with my real, live, actual blog post! 😉

That’s all for today! Thanks for looking!

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