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Neutral stripes with Julep and Oriflame

Hi, all! I am so ready for it to be next week (spring break, along with a few other reasons). Anyway, today I have a neutral striping tape look featuring Julep and Oriflame.

Julep Abigail - Erin's Enamel
Julep Abigail

Julep Abigail is a soft shell pink with a satin finish. They call it silk, but same difference really. This is two coats, and it applied fairly well.


Julep Abigail (top coated) - Erin's Enamel
Julep Abigail (top coated)

I despise the Julep bottles. They are tall and skinny, so every time I dipped the brush in, I felt like I was going to tip it over. Because of the height of the bottle, the brush is quite long, and the bristles tend to get flooded with polish as a result (even when I thought I wiped it off well enough). I also don’t think that the polishes are worth anywhere near what they cost. Regular price is $14, and they are only 8ml/.27 oz.

Sorry, that turned into a bit of a rant. I will refrain from further comment about Julep and get back to my NOTD.

Julep Abigail + Oriflame Daring Brown - Erin's Enamel
Julep Abigail + Oriflame Daring Brown

Oriflame Daring Brown is a deep mushroom brown creme. It’s not really what I would call daring, but it’s a nice shade nonetheless. I actually won this in a giveaway, along with a couple shades of red, from Sophie at My Awesome Beauty. I didn’t have any issues with application besides not sticking my tape down enough and the color bleeding under.

That’s all for today! Thanks for looking!


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