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Purple, Blue, and Green Skittlette

Hi, everyone! Today’s post was, of course, inspired by the amazing Marta over at Chit Chat Nails and her fabulous skittlette tutorial.

Purple, Blue, and Green Skittlette - Erin's Enamel
Purple, Blue, and Green Skittlette

For my thumb and index fingers, I applied two coats of Zoya Savita then added two dots in Zoya Veruschuka.

My middle and ring fingers have three coats of Sephora by OPI Havana Dreams and added dots in Veruschuka. Havana Dreams is a pretty light sky blue with a terrible formula. It wanted to drag and was streaky. I had to put the third coat on a little thicker than I normally would just to even it out. Also, I have no idea what kind of design I was shooting for on my ring finger. Whatever it was, I don’t think I actually made it…

Finally, my pinky is two coats of Pure Ice Sheer Luck. The diamond glitters are turquoise and purple and also holographic. You can see a bit of VNL, but the glitter was reflective enough to hide that in person.

That’s all for today! Thanks for looking!


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