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Hi, everyone! I’m back to nubbins with today’s post. At my friend’s wedding a couple weeks ago, I decided that, since I was in the bridal party, I’d treat myself and join in with the mani/pedi festivities. There were only two technicians to do nails for 11 women, and naturally, they were rushing. Well, the woman who did my nails seriously jacked up the nails on my right hand. They were all misshapen and uneven, so I just had to file them down. I did my left hand, too, since I don’t like having them different lengths.

The paint job itself was pretty bad, too. It was bubbled and all over my cuticles, even post-“cleanup.” I ended up taking it off and repainting it with Zoya Godiva after the rehearsal dinner and an evening at the tavern. My paint job was much better, especially when you consider that I was somewhere between buzzed and drunk. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, that’s my tale of woe. On to the polish!

Cult Nails Iconic

Cult Nails Iconic is a deep berry/burgundy with very fine gold shimmer and golden flakies. It’s a beautiful color and it feels very sophisticated. The flakies do shift, but only at very extreme angles. This beauty can be purchased from Cult Nails here, and right now (through June 9th), you can get $15 off $50 or $30 off $100 or more!

That’s all for today! Thanks for looking!


2 thoughts on “Cult Nails Iconic

  1. Sorry to hear about your unpleasant mani experience! The last time I had my hands “professionally” done something similar happened. This color is gorgeous – I like the subtlety of the gold flakes!


    1. I think (at least, I hope) that it was just because they were so rushed that it turned out so badly. Some of the ladies who went before me seemed much more pleased with their results than I was. Then again, they just may not be as picky as I am.


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