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Revlon Universe

Oops, I forgot Wednesday… Anyway, it’s Friday! Today I have one of the Revlon Moon Candy polishes to share. These didn’t seem to be very well-received when they came out, but I rather liked it. I

Revlon Universe

This particular Moon Candy is Universe. Much to my annoyance, the polishes don’t have individual names. The polishes come in a wand that has a polish on each end, the base color and the flakie/shard topper. The base for this set is a chocolate brown creme (a little brighter than what it appears here), while the topper has gold flakes, which shift to orange, green, and blue, in a really sheer golden yellow base.The shards had to be dabbed on a bit for the best placement, but in my experience, that’s pretty typical with polishes like this. Also, some bits did try to poke up a bit, but I just gently pushed them down. The end result was pretty smooth. A note about the bottle: the silver bit with the label that you see in the picture detaches from each polish, so you can remove the polish that you aren’t using and use the tube to make the brush more comfortable to hold. Otherwise, it’s ridiculously tiny and difficult to use.

Overall, I really liked this. The base color applied flawlessly, and the topper, though it needed a little babying, was on par with my expectations. Look at the color shift in the flakes, though! It was even more gorgeous in person! I don’t know if these are still available, but if they are (and you don’t mind the slightly finicky topper), I highly recommend picking some of them up.

That’s all for today! Thanks for looking!

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