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China Glaze Creative Fantasy + Jungle Queen

Hi, everyone! I’m writing this post instead of doing homework, yay! 😉 On to the polish!


China Glaze Creative Fantasy is a gorgeous purple jelly from the Cirque du Soleil World’s Away collection. What you see here is four coats. Given that it’s a jelly, I knew it was going to require multiple coats. However, the formula on this was less than stellar. It was weirdly thick (not quite goopy) and prone to dragging and leaving bald patches. I don’t know if thinner would help? Either way, it’s such a pretty color that I can mostly overlook the blech formula.

China Glaze Creative Fantasy + Jungle Queen stripes

I used China Glaze Jungle Queen and a striper brush to add my stripes. Jungle Queen (from the On Safari collection) is a really grayed-out purple with some purple shimmer. I thought the shimmer would be a nice complement to Creative Fantasy, but that didn’t really work out. My stripes pretty much look gray. Even in my huge original picture, viewed at 100%, the shimmer is completely MIA. Ah, well, I supposed you can’t win them all. 🙂

That’s all for today! Thanks for looking!

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