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Julep Rose + stamped circles

Hi, all! It’s a Monday! (Check out the end of the post for a frickin’ hilarious video from Olan Rogers that will make you see Mondays differently!) On to the polish!

Julep Rose

Julep Rose is a very saturated watermelon red. Seriously, it was nearly a one-coater. It’s pretty darn close to Zoya LC, but unfortunately, I didn’t think to make a proper comparison. I could photograph the swatch sticks next to each other, if anyone would be interested in seeing that? Anyway, it’s a beautiful color with a great formula that practically applied itself. I HATE the Julep bottle, though. It’s a tall, skinny bottle with a ridiculously long, unwieldy brush. It’s so awkward to polish with that I’m hesitant to buy any more polishes from Julep. Moving on…

Julep Rose (stamped)

I’m apparently going through an everything-must-be-stamped! phase, so I stamped it with Color Club Model Behavior, which is a shimmery bronzy copper. Despite how it appears here, it didn’t contrast enough so the pattern got lost a bit in most lighting. The image came from Bundle Monster plate BM-322. I really like the pattern, so I’ll have to try it again soon with a better color scheme.

Here’s the video! I would recommend NOT watching it at work. πŸ˜€

What are your thoughts on adding the videos at the end? Should I continue to add videos that are related to my post, or no?

That’s all for today! Thanks for looking!

3 thoughts on “Julep Rose + stamped circles

  1. First, I would love to see the side by side comparison of the two colors. Have you previously posted the Zoya LC? Could put that photo & these side by side as well.

    Second, if you like/love the polish and colors keep getting them. You could always poor some out into a watercolor painting tray and then use a different brush to paint your nails.

    Third, as long as the videos are related to your post, keep them coming!


    1. I haven’t posted LC yet, since I’ve worn it before and I’m trying to get through my untrieds right now. I’m having issues getting decent pics of the swatch stick comparisons, but once I do, I’ll update the post.


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