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Color Club First Looks + stamped snowflakes

Y’ALL! IT SNOWED! It was only a couple inches that only stuck to the grass and will be gone by mid-morning on Friday, but still, it snowed! It’s a pretty big deal in Alabama. 😀 On to the polish!

Color Club First Looks

Color Club First Looks is from the fall 2012 In True Fashion collection. It’s a beautiful dark navy blue that, in most lighting, looks pretty much black to my eye. In the bottle, it looks like it would have this really pretty purple flash, but unfortunately that is only visible on the nail at ridiculously extreme angles and really close to my daylight bulbs.

Color Club First Looks stamped

In honor of our snow day, I decided to stamp some snowflakes using Bundle Monster plate BM-323 and Layla Hologram Effect Mercury Twilight. My photography skills are not up to making the holo come out to play on camera, but it was a lovely delicate rainbow snowflake party in real life.

That’s all for today! Thanks for looking!

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