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Catie’s owls! (And a random penguin!)

A couple weeks ago, my eldest sister asked me to paint her nails for her office Christmas party, and I was happy to oblige. She had found an owl design from Let Them Have Polish, and then I showed her the penguin that I had stumbled across a couple days before doing her nails, so that was added too. On to the nails!

First up is the whole mani (except the thumbs, because they wouldn’t fit in the frame):

Catie's full mani

I was super pleased with how this came out. There was some minor smearing (which is really only visible in the close-up pictures later in the post), but overall, I thought they turned out great for my first time painting another adult’s nails! A few notes so I don’t repeat myself: I used coordinating rhinestones for the eyes on all nails, and those came from a random eBay seller. The dots for the eyes and on the tummies and the owl noses were created using dotting tools. Everything else was done freehand.

Catie's pinky (blue owl)

Sorry for the blurry pic. The blue owl started with a base of Rescue Beauty Lounge IKB: 2012. The tummy is Zoya Robyn, with RBL dots. The nose is a-england Holy Grail (original version), and the eye backgrounds are Barielle Sunshine. I used coordinating rhinestones for the eyes on all nails, and those came from a random eBay seller.

Catie's ring finger (green owl)

Poor green owl looks a bit like his nose is melting right off. The base and tummy dots are Orly Meet Me Under the Mistletoe. The tummy is Zoya Neely, the eyes are Deborah Lippmann Almost Paradise, and the nose is Sephora by OPI Dating the Drummer.

Catie's middle finger (the penguin)

The penguin was painted to look like Tux, the Linux mascot. The base is Nails Inc. Black Taxi. The white bits are Zoya Purity, and the yellow is the Barielle again.

Catie's index finger (black owl)

The base and dots are Black Taxi again, and the white bits are Purity. The tummy (which I goofed and put down a base of Purity for) is Pure Ice Mint Dream. It looked better on my practice wheel when it was over the black, but it turned out pretty well anyway.

Catie's thumb (brown owl)

And last but not least, the thumb (please pardon the random piece of fuzz). The brown base and dots are Dating the Drummer. The tummy is Zoya Tanzy, the nose is Zoya Sharon, and the eyes are Zoya Jacqueline.

Whew, that’s a long post! I enjoyed painting Catie’s nails, and I hope she thoroughly enjoyed her owls (and random penguin). 🙂

That’s all for today! Thanks for looking!

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