Nail art

Zoya Natty and FeiFei

A while back, Zoya held one of their many promos, this time a Buy One, Get One for back-to-school, and I picked up a few of the polishes from their fall Designer and Divas collection.

Zoya Natty and FeiFei

On my ring and pinky fingers, the base is Natty, a smoky steel blue creme. The index and middle fingers and the gradient tips are FeiFei, a steel blue base with gold, blue, and pink iridescent shimmer. These polishes applied beautifully, and I wore this for several days because I really loved the way it looked. I really love Zoya, in case I haven’t made that obvious enough yet. πŸ™‚ The polishes always have a great formula, and the brush is perfection for me. Plus, they have a ton of promos on their Facebook and Twitter pages. If you’re not already following them, I highly recommend doing so!

That’s all for today! Thanks for looking!

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