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My inaugural post!

For a couple months, I’ve been taking photos of my manicures with my iPhone, so I’m going to share a few of those photos now. Some of them aren’t great quality, but they are iPhone photos after all. I also apologize for the lack of/poor cleanup in some of these pics. Still working on that particular technique. πŸ™‚

First up is Nina Ultra Pro Orange Flame. It’s a neon orange that this pic just doesn’t accurately capture. I think this was three coats, but I don’t entirely remember.

Nina Ultra Pro Orange Flame

Next up is China Glaze 108 Degrees, topped with Spoiled Jewelry Heist and Trust Fund Baby. (Sorry, this one’s an Instagram pic.)

China Glaze 108 Degrees and glitters

Now it’s Nails Inc. The Wyndham Set. It’s a dark teal base with a flakie top coat that shifts between blue and green.

Nails Inc The Wyndham Set

Last one for this post is a watermarble I did with China Glaze polishes. The green is Starboard, the dark blue is First Mate, and the aqua is For Audrey.

China Glaze Watermarble (left hand)

China Glaze Watermarble (right hand)

That’s all for now! Thanks for looking!

4 thoughts on “My inaugural post!

    1. Drop each color in one at a time, repeating colors to get the desired effect, and draw a toothpick or marbling tool through the polish to make a pattern. Dip your nails in (I do one or two at a time), scoop up the excess polish, then very carefully pull your nails out. It’s time consuming and a little more involved than that, but that’s the gist of it.


  1. Ahhh. It’s lovely πŸ˜€ I so don’t have the patience for that, lol. I can barely sit here with wet nails as it is, much less all the mixing and you know, care-taking πŸ˜‰


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